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GIA Talks: The State of the African Games Industry

February 09, 2023

2023 Feb 09 Thursday

GIA Talks: The State of the African Games Industry

3:00 pm


What is the true state of the African games industry and how viable a market is it for potential investors and creators?

Read the report on GIA now.

The first event in a series of events featuring a statically overview of the performance of the African games industry.

Featuring presentations from Newzoo, Steam and Gara Store.

Newzoo will showcase figures on the local ecosystem whilst Steam will do the same as well as guide attendees on what it takes to get ones game on the store front.

Gara Store will then contextualize the initial talks with their experience of launching an online store designed to cater to African game developers and creators.

The talks will be followed by a Q&A session.


  • Tom Wijman (Lead Analyst Games @ Newzoo)
  • Alden Kroll (Dev Partner & Designer @ Valve / Steam)
  • Teddy Kossoko (CEO / Founder @ Masseka Game Studio / Gara Store)
  • Vic Bassey (Editor / Moderator @ GIA)





3:00 pm