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GIA Talks: Exploring the Sounds of Videogame Music

April 13, 2023

2023 Apr 13 Thursday

GIA Talks: Exploring the Sounds of Videogame Music

3:00 pm


Why is music composition in games important and for those keen to understand how to get into this line of work, what should you know?

In this GIA Talks, we are joined by award winning music composer Elvira Björkman (Metal: Hellsinger) and Mark Allnutt, a South African composer and sound design engineer for Games and Films/TV Shows.

They will share their respective career paths, talk up the realities, successes and challenges of being a composer for videogames as well as compare and contrast their respective industries.


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Meeting ID

874 9077 5403


Passcode – 550759

Invite Link https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87490775403?pwd=SHFvelVNTTN0WW5iRUVWZHJseUN2Zz09



Date: April 13th 2023

Start: 4.00 pm CET

End: 5.30pm CET

Moderator: Vic Bassey





3:00 pm